8 Best Performance Marketing Course in India

Performance marketing has become an integral part of the digital marketing ecosystem. With its focus on transparent ROI and performance-based compensation, this approach entices marketers keen on ensuring that every penny spent is accountable. There are 100+ performance marketing courses out there, but these are best.

With its burgeoning digital market, India has witnessed a surge in institutions offering comprehensive courses in performance marketing. 

This article curates the six best courses regarding curriculum, faculty, and overall impact in India.

1. Digital Vidya’s Certified Digital Marketing Master Course (CDMM)

Digital Vidya, a pioneer in digital marketing education, offers an extensive course that includes a significant module on performance marketing. 

With its industry-oriented curriculum and participation from renowned marketing professionals as trainers, Digital Vidya ensures a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights.

WebsiteDigital Vidya

2. UpGrad’s PG Certification in Digital Marketing & Communication

upGrad offers a postgraduate certification that covers all facets of digital marketing, including performance marketing. 

Their course is tailored for comprehensive learning, with SEO, SEM, and Affiliate Marketing modules, ensuring that learners are well-equipped with the necessary skill sets.


3. Ritesh Academy: Advanced Digital Marketing

Ritesh Academy is one the popular platforms in Pune Maharashtra. This academy mostly worked for organization, NGO and companies.

You can get 3 month dedicated training for advanced digital marketing.

Website: Ritesh Academy

4. GrowthSchool: Certification in Performance Marketing by Deepan and Ashwin

GrowthSchool is one of fastest growing platforms in India for quality trainings. GrowthSchool’s curriculum and their mentorship program is designed for beginners and advanced level digital marketers.

Website: GrowthSchool

5. Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist Program

This course by Simplilearn provides a 360-degree understanding of digital marketing, emphasizing performance marketing strategies. Their dynamic curriculum and access to live projects make it a compelling option for individuals seeking hands-on experience.


6. NIIT’s Digital Marketing & Branding Program

NIIT’s robust program covers SEO, SEM, and performance-based marketing techniques. With its legacy in educational excellence, NIIT brings a certain reliability and comprehensive approach to digital marketing education.


7. DSIM’s Masters in Digital Marketing Program

Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM) presents a master’s program that delves deeply into the domains of performance marketing. With its emphasis on practical knowledge, DSIM ensures that its learners are industry-ready.


8. IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing Course

The Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE) offers a course that blends online learning and live sessions, ensuring flexibility. Their module on performance marketing is comprehensive, covering areas like Affiliate Marketing and Programmatic Advertising.


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Choosing the right course is paramount for anyone aspiring to make a mark in performance marketing. These courses offer a balance of theoretical understanding and practical insights, ensuring that learners are equipped with the tools necessary for excelling in the dynamic landscape of performance marketing.

Before making a choice, aspirants should consider factors like course curriculum, faculty expertise, industry tie-ups, and post-course support.

With the proper guidance and persistent effort, success in the field of performance marketing is undoubtedly attainable.

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